One Perfect Day: Selling Gowns to “non-traditional” brides

The industry’s definition of a traditional bride is one who embraces the trappings of Bridezilla culture with enthusiasm, and her less enthusiastic counterpart is, understandably, a problem. When Vows magazine, a trade publication for wedding-dress retailers, featured an article on catering to the ‘non-traditional bride,’ it noted that such customers ‘don’t always make ‘good’ brides because they’re often uncomfortable starring in the role of ‘girl in a big white dress” and warned retailers that the nontraditional bride was dangerously apt to “forget the wedding and prepare for marriage.”

– Rebecca Mead, One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding

Let’s be frank: it’s clear that the wedding industry does not have the best interest of society, marriage or the common good in mind: its only good is to persuade engaged couples, their families, and their guests  to part with huge sums of money.


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