New book: Rebecca Mead, “One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding”

Recently, Elizabeth and I have announced our engagement to our friends and family. On the advice of our priest’s wife (Thanks, Karen!), we have purchased a book by Rebecca Mead, a staff writer from The New Yorker, called One Perfect Day: The Selling 

Rebecca Mead

of the American Wedding. Initially, only Elizabeth was reading this book, but after hearing a number of money quotes early in her reading, I decided to read it as well. As with God is Red, I intend to post a number of passages from the book that are provocative here with brief comments over the next few days.

Mead explains her purpose for writing the book in reflecting on how quickly the term “bridezilla” was adopted by popular culture in the middle part of the last decade:

“But it seemed to me, as I witnessed the urgency with which the Bridezilla term was embraced, that there was more to the phenomenon than the identification of a particularly unpleasant breed of bride…Blaming the bride…wasn’t an adequate explanation for what seemed to be underlying the concept of Bridezilla: that weddings themselves were out of control, and that a sense of proportion had been lost, not just individually but by the culture at large.”


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