Deloria on the rupturing of relationship between human and nature

“Part of the alienation of human beings from nature is caused by the action of humans against nature and not as the result of some obscure and corrupted relationship that

Vine Deloriacame into being as a result of the human’s inability to relate to the creator. It is doubtful if Western Christians can change their understanding of creation at this point in their existence. Their religion is firmly grounded in their escape from a fallen nature, and it is highly unlikely to suppose at this late date that they can find a reconciliation with nature while maintaining the remainder of their theological understanding of salvation.”

–Vine Deloria, Jr., God is Red: A Native View of Religion, 91

I disagree with Deloria about whether such a reconciliation with nature is possible; I do not disagree with him in that it has not happened, particularly among those groups that would hold most strongly to the historical fall of man in Genesis.


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